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Our Hotels

Travel House Hotels

The Travel House Hotels in Lekki (Lagos State) and Ibadan (Oyo State), are comfort hotels. These hotels share the same concept and standards as other worldwide respected hotels and cater to the accommodation and culinary needs of those requiring an uncomplicated night’s rest. We take care of the basics… is what drives our practical product, targeting economy segment of the Hospitality Industry.

For reservations in Lekki, contact the hotel directly at 0 81 75 69 13 33 | manager.lekki@travelhousenigeria.com

For reservations in Ibadan, contact the hotel directly at 0 81 75 69 13 44 | manager.ibadan@travelhousenigeria.com

Epe Resort and Spa

The Epe Resort and Spa in Epe, Lagos State, is a tranquil haven where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a sanctuary nestled between the Lagos-Epe Lagoon and the local fishing port of Epe Town. The lush greenery and peaceful environment beckons you to get away from it all. Paradise is closer than you think… 

Indulge in a break that takes you to the lap of luxury, to a place of scenic splendour, where you will experience superior service, in the world class resort that seeks to rejuvenate your soul.

For reservations, contact the resort directly at 081 318 38014 / 081 752 90343 | reservations@eperesort.com