About Us - MP Hotels
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About Us

MP Hotels is made up of a management team that specialises in the strategy, operations, financial management, human resources management, sales, marketing and administration of hotels and resorts in Nigeria.

Hotel Management:

MP Hotels offers, based on viability and suitability, hotel management contracts, also known as operating agreements, to Nigerian hotel owners, to run, manage and operate their hotels or resorts on their behalf.  In doing so, we provide the supervision, expertise, established methods and procedures, for a fee, according to specified agreed terms.

What makes us unique is that our fees are simple and terms uncomplicated to ensure we are part of the successful development of the Nigerian hospitality industry, but not at the expense of the owner over the long-term. It is our aim to assist you in making your establishment and vision a success.

Much of the reason for the popularity of management contracts is that the expertise required to operate a large hotel is more readily available under such an arrangement. It enables a hotel owner to derive the benefit of owning a hotel without the requirement of having to operate it, thus separating personal interest from sustainable performance.

Hotel Assessment Services:

As an option, MP Hotels offers a service that provides Owners with an overview of the current state of their business from all angles. This is made up of honest recommendations on what may be done pragmatically, in order for the decision makers to enhance the business’ performance and subsequent return on investment.

The business assessment methodology includes meeting with you – the client, in order to determine the scope of work and focus areas such as:

  • the outputs experienced by the customer;
  • the inputs pertaining to the control, management, culture, brand equity and marketability of the business;
  • the systems in place to achieve a total quality management approach to ensure customer retention and service levels;
  • opportunities for revenue maximization;
  • management reporting formats (optional);
  • an analysis of the business strategy in so far as the match between what is projected as the service or product offered compared to the actual service or product delivered; etcetera.